Mini Paddy-See around????

  1. I've been mooning over a mini paddy for months and months now. We're going to NewYork at the begining of April and I've got my heart set on buying one out there (I always buy a bag on holiday.) But my question is are they still around? Looking at online stores and the chloe website there doesn't seem to be many.

    If I go to a Chloe store do they carry them as like basic stock? I really don't want to raise my hopes and be dissapointed when I get there if they aren't around!

    Thanks x
  2. ^Not sure as to that question since I've never actually been to a Chloe boutique. But Sabine's usually has minis in stock

    I highly recommend the mini btw, I adore mine!
  3. I saw a couple in Edinburgh when I was there three weeks ago, but they are harder to find, especially if you have a certain color you're looking for. I suspect it's the same in the US. Give us a few clues as to what you're after, you never know, we might manage to find one before your trip.
  4. Ah thanks for ur replies ladies, i'm either looking for a choc brown or black, so i'm hoping they would be easy enough to find. I jjust hope that they are still being stocked in stores.

    Also does anyone know how much a mini paddy is going for in store in the US? They about £700 in the UK and don't want to end up paying more just to buy it out there if u get my meaning.
  5. Selfridges in Manchester had some before Christmas for around £600 I think.
    Good luck finding one either way =) The chocolate brown is lovely :heart:
  6. i just saw a black mini paddy on for a good price. If you do go with, I suggest paying via paypal...Otherwise, it is a more complicated process I hear, with them asking for more personal info than you may be comfortable. I've only had good experiences with diabro in the past.
  7. Hi Cat_uk, Harvey nics on line had black or red babies for £402.:tup:
  8. I don't see them, could you post a link?
  9. Hi, Looks like there all gone :crybaby:. I was tempted by the red. I think if you open an account card you get more discount as well. Thats where I got my avatar pic.
  10. Wouldn't you be better off buying in UK with the dollar being so weak in comparison to the pound?