mini paddy pic

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  1. Madeline - the links are not working for me?

  2. Hmmm. not sure why, i can click them from the tread and they show up. But i found them at

    Scroll down a little from top and you will see.
  3. are you referring to the pics of Brittany Spears?

    On another forum they all swear that paddy is a fake.

  4. yeah, you know what I kind of thought it could be fake too. wierd, that would be strange if it was. I cant find any close ups of it, wish I could.
  5. Its in the 'celebrity' section here - the most recent thread on Britney I think. It looks really fake to me, but thats just IMHO.
  6. ^^^ I don't own a mini; I am hoping to this coming season; so, when I recieve mine I will be able to tell if hers is indeed a knock-off; but yes, the girls here and on swear it is a fake.
  7. That is too funny, omg, i will have to check the other tread. I didnt want to say that I thought it was fake at first , I was trying to give the girl some credit. i guess that is why I thought the size was off.
  8. Well, Britney isn't very big on designer handbags - you can see here: She probably doesn't know (or care, perhaps) that its not real. $20 says Federslime bought it for her.
  9. That's an interesting site! I checked out the bag section for Paris...and Jessica :smile: Funny how the link on Paris' papillion takes you to eLuxury...where there is no such bag.....
  10. I saw a picture today of Britney carrying what looks like a smaller version of the Paddy (do they exist?).
  11. There is the regular and also a mini version.(and a larger 48 hour bag I think it is called)