mini paddy in mais - my 1st chloe bag!!

  1. i just got my mini paddy in mais colour today!! i am in :heart::heart::heart: with it!! the leather is so luscious, soft and beautiful! i really like the mini paddy - it fits on my shoulder, and i can fit all my essentials in it too!! it's so much more beautiful IRL!! i am over the moon :smile:
    thanks to the TPFers who have helped me in my quest for a first chloe! :smile:
    DSC05749.jpg DSC05760.jpg DSC05762.jpg DSC05752.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Congrats on your paddy!
  3. gorgeous! Congrats.
  4. So pretty! :heart:
  5. Great Color. Congrats!:heart:
  6. Cutest thing ever.
  7. Congrats and enjoy it - it is so cute! :smile:
  8. thanks for the compliments!! :smile:
  9. Aww she's gorgeous - that colour is really growing on me!
  10. I didn't like those mini Paddies at first (when I saw them in the stores sitting empty they looked like squat ducks). But then on this board when I saw other tPF members carrying them (filled up) it's like wow, this little Chloe is really neat! Beautiful color and congratulations.!
  11. It is incredibly cute! Congrats on your first Chloe!
  12. I love this!! I keep coming back to look at it! Congrats!
  13. Really nice color!
  14. awwwww thanks rinstar!!!! that's so sweet. i am extra happy to hear that!! :smile: :smile:

  15. it's cute! congrats!