Mini Paddington?


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Mar 12, 2006

I'm new here and have been reading around for a while now and I got a question for you Chloe experts.

What's the name of the Paddington on the right in this picture? I see it's smaller than the normal Paddington (which is perfect for me)


What colors does it come in and what is the retail? Thank you :smile:
it is called the baby (or mini) paddington. lol - not much creativity huh?

There are a few gals here who have the baby paddys and love them.

It comes in a variety of colors (black with silver hardware has not been spotted yet); and it retails I think (they just had a price increase) for $1380 (?).
habibty said:
Alright thanks! I'm hoping for the specific name so I can call and ask about it. I'm hoping in comes in colors like blue or tan :smile:

It is the baby paddy - that is the name. SA's recognize it as baby or mini.

It did come in tan (still available perhaps on, and it did come in a baby blue color (jeans moyen).
at first i thought i would rather get a mini paddy, but my friend talked to me into getting a med size instead. She said that the baby is quite small, hence baby. the size difference between the baby and med comes a long way. I would had purchase a SMALL if they had a size between the baby and the med. But after looking at perja's baby... I want a baby too... and a TWIGGGY. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.