mini paddington

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  1. is there anything called mini paddington ,and if so how much is it ,as i am in the uk and aslo can u put it over the shoulder TIA
  2. hi there,
    NAP and Cricket both have the mini paddington. I love this size, its sooo cute. But the price is high, considering the regular size is only 790, the mini is only a hundred pounds less!

    links here for you :smile:

  3. Re fitting on the shoulder...the medium satchel does, but not so easily in the winter when you're wearing thicker clothes, so i don't think the baby paddy would be particularly suitable for shoulder wearing.

    I've heard it's great as an evening bag....and i also believe you can fit quite a lot of stuff in it...but for me, personally - i'd just spend the extra £ and get the next size up.:yes:
  4. I have a baby paddy, and I find that it does fit over the shoulder, but it is not very comfy to carry that way for a long time. You can put it over your shoulder for a short while, when you need both hands free, but it is easier to carry in your hand or in the crook of your arm. One handle tend to slip down from the shoulder unless you put the outer handle under the inner when on your shoulder. (If that makes any sense...)
  5. i saw mini paddington before in my local boutique,,,,,
    i think it's cute.. but mayb too small?