Mini Paddington!

  1. Hi!
    Does anyone got a Mini Paddington? How big is it? Is it practical to use?
    Also do sell the real deal?
  2. Hi Caisah, I ordered a paddy from Diabro and it is definitely genuine. I had looked around here for some feedback about them before buying from them and nowhere is there any mention of them selling fakes. The only difficulty with them is they don't accept returns, unless an item is faulty (and I think they can be awkward with returns even then) so be sure of your purchase, and be sure that you will want to keep it, before you buy it.

    A baby is pretty small I think for everyday use and I don't carry that much in a bag, but there are lots of girls here who do use it as an everyday bag so it is possible as long as you don't carry tons of stuff with you.
  3. I have both the front pocket paddy (which is more of a medium size) and a mini paddington. I find myself carrying the mini paddington 99% of the time since it looks so much better with my frame and height (I am pushing 100 lbs, 5'1"). You can definitely fit the essentials into the mini...I usually carry a wallet, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, and lipstick and it is not overstuffed at all.
  4. Weeeii! It sounds great! Now I must figure out which color I'll choose. . Black goes with almost everything but a lighter one, like tan, is just adorable. . Can you post some pics of your darling?

  5. how much are the mini paddys?
  6. I have a mini paddy that I use allll the time. My only complaint is that it's hard to get it to fit on my shoulder - sometimes it stays, sometimes it doesn't. usually I can get at least one strap on my shoulder, though.

    I always regretted buying mine from Neiman's and not getting it for $600 less from that point I had had bad experiences from online retailers (not Diabro) and I was scared. But everything I've heard about them has been great. I think there was once instance of a fake on this forum (and it may not have been Chloe) but Diabro was great about the return and sending the buyer a new, authentic one.
  7. At they cost 1.043$ + shipping, I'll actually send them an e-mail and ask how much shipping fee is.

  8. hi! i have a mini paddington in the colour mais. i find that it fits the stuff that i need (i can even fit a fold-up small umbrella in there, wallet, phone, keys, lipgloss etc)
    if you do a search on the forum, there are other threads discussing how practical the mini paddy is and what people can fit in them - they are pretty helpful and helped made my decision!
    also i've posted up pictures of my mini paddy
    it appears sooo much more beautiful IRL (the colour is a bit screwed by the flash)
    DSC05749.jpg DSC05758.jpg DSC05762.jpg
  9. hi daniela127, you mentioned that you use your mini paddy all the time - how is the hardware holding up? is the lock scratched etc?

    and i agree, my only complaint would be the shoulder strap. it can get difficult especially towards the end of the day

  10. It's gorgeous:nuts:! The difference between the mini and the "common" one is not that big(after a little bit of calculating).
    Where did you buy it?

  11. Here are some pics of my mini paddington:
  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]IMG]
  14. And a side by side comparison (for reference) to the front pocket paddington, which is more of a medium size:
  15. It's soooo cute!!! Where did you buy it?