mini paddington

  1. hello;

    Is it true that the mini paddington is very hard to come by?\

    Can anyone post pics? Is the black nicer than the brown ?

  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum! Try the "search" function above and type "mini paddington" there should be some pics of mini paddys in various colors. I think LVR carries mini paddys and I've read on this forum that some Nordys carry them, too.
  3." target="_blank" class="TPFinsert">Net-A-Porter usually has a few mini-paddys for sale. I have a anthracite minipaddy- I love it!
  4. Welcome. I would say they're definitely more difficult to come by than the regular paddies! Good luck!
  5. I see them all the time lately at NM and Nordstroms. I don't think they are that hard to come by. Definitely, some colors are harder than others! Which one were you looking for?
  6. I heard the new Chloe Boutique in Costa Mesa, CA might be getting a shipment of Mini's!! I hope I can get my hand on one... they are soooo cute!
  7. Anyone know the retail on Mini Paddy?
  8. I believe it's $1380, but I definitely need others to confirm it. I haven't looked at a price tag since they first came out.
  9. Is it a pretty good size? How much does it holds ??
  10. Nordstrom had lots of minis so I don't think they are a too hard to get bag. I like the traditional size paddy considering the price difference you do get a lot more bag.
  11. There is a mini grenat on the Marketplace right now.
  12. the size is great- i can fit my wallet, cell and keys in it with a little room to spare. I really like this bag for evening as it sits perfectly on my lap and holds all the essentials.
  13. Thanks! I'll check it out at Nordstroms.
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