Mini Paddington - Reasonable size?

  1. Hi guys,
    Well I decided on a colour and ordered a mini paddington online. I went to a store that sells paddingtons on the weekend but they didnt have any minis so Ive never technically been able to hold/use one. Is the mini a reasonable size? Ive seen measurements but it can be difficult to imagine just based on measurements. I want to be able to fit a wallet, phone, sunnies, keys - that sort of thing and was contemplating a medium paddy but the mini was such a good price in the colour I wanted.
    Silly query, I know, but Ive had such up and down purchases online that I just want to check before I pay.
    Thanks :smile:
  2. I had been tossing up between a mini and a medium paddy. and i got a mini! it fits my essentials in it: wallet, phone, keys... even a small fold-up umbrella...
    with sunnies, depending on how big the sunglass case is... but not with the umbrella in there as well then!
  3. I have been wondering about the same thing too. The mini's with the shoulder straps look great as a messanger, imo. Any modelling pics, anyone?
  4. There are some pics of TPFers with their mini Paddys on the Your Chloe in Action thread. They look like a decent size, bigger than I thought. I ordered one to try out from Bag Borrow or Steal. Where did you get your mini Paddy from, Jaime, just out of curiousity?:heart:
  5. Here is a pic of my and my mini paddy - i'm about 5'6" and 125 lbs.

    I also took a picture with my paddy and edith so you could compare.

    It fits my wallet, keys and cellphone easily, but I carry a smaller wallet - I don't know if one of those long, checkbook-sized "continental" wallets would fit. I can keep my sunglasses and foldup umbrella as well, although I don't know if both can fit. If you think about it, do you really need both to fit? Either it's sunny, or it's rainy...
    mini.jpg CIMG0514-1.JPG CIMG0513-1.JPG
  6. Great pics - thanks for posting them :smile:
  7. I ended up convincing my hubby to set up a paypal account with his cc so I could order from diabro! They were $1163 the other day now theyre $1089.

    Edit: I just looked again and theyre accepting google checkout again so I dont have to bug him to add his card today!
  8. i just tried and i could fit my long wallet in the bag but you can't just throw it in easily, you have to sort of manoeuvre the wallet in. i'm talking about the size of a wallet like the really popular prada wallets (that length)
    hope it helps :smile:

  9. which colour mini paddy are you getting?

  10. Thanks for everyones help, I decided to go for the Medium in Tan. I returned a bag I bought from Net-a-Porter the other day which was quite a large roomy bag but it had been my 3rd replacement due to continuous faults and the last one was such bad quality and very badly made than I convinced myself to send it back in order to afford the paddington. I would have loved to keep it as I really liked it but was so disappointed in the quality and knew if I didnt get something different Id probably just keep it and regret it. So hopefully it will come quickly! Its already been shipped so heres hoping Im not and work the day it comes and miss it!!
  11. That's a very popular colour, the tan. Hope it all goes well and that you get the bag you love! :yes: Be sure to post pictures when you get the bag!!

  12. Congrats on your new paddy. Medium Tan is a gorgeous bag. Post pics when you get her!