Mini Paddington in NY?

  1. :p Hi! I'm new to Chloe and would love to get my hands on a mini paddington in NY next month on my trip there. Any suggestions on where I should start looking??? :smile: Are they readily available as compared to the larger paddington? Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. There is actually a Chloe boutique in NY City. It is at 850 Madison Ave. Otherwise you can check out Bergdorf Goodman - they also carry Chloe.
  3. Ive tried locating mini paddys in nyc and there are none. your best bet would be from aloharag. the chloe store in madison doesnt carry mini size for some reason :sad: i also heard that many people ordered from diabro before but since it's located in japan, i don't feel too comfortable ordering from them. hope this helps. :yes:
  4. I'll keep my eyes peeled when I am out and about and let you know if I see any! Is there a particular color you want?

    Intermix is another good store to check out while in NYC. They have a few locations. Go to Intermix for locations.

    I have an anthracite mini paddy that I love. It's a great "night out" bag for me. Too small for everyday, but so cute with the right outfit on the weekend! Good luck with your hunt!:heart:
  5. miklet i luv your puppy, how cute!!!!
  6. hi. thanks so much! she is soo adorable. I love her to pieces. :heart: :heart:
  7. Thanks everyone for your help! I just found out from the Chloe boutique that only NM carries the mini paddington now. I wonder why the Chloe boutique itself are not carrying them?

    Would anyone know why prices for the mini paddington is so much cheaper? (US900 vs US1320)? Has anyone purchased the mini paddington from them before?