Mini Paddington - Colour help needed!

  1. Ok..

    So Im ready to buy a Mini Paddington from Cricket liverpool. They have two that I like.

    They have an orange/brown one listed as 'Ginger' but I cant find any reference to that colour on here. Is it really Muscade?

    The blue toned one is listed as 'Dove Grey'. Is that the offical name for that shade?

    Also, Im looking to wear my mini paddy casually with jeans and I have too many 'dressy' bags. Which colour is more more suited with a 'mid blue jeans and white t-shirt' look?

    TIA :tup:

  2. "Ginger"! It would look great with jeans and a t-shirt :tup:
  3. OOPS! Sorry... I meant to ask if the 'Ginger' paddy was really a whiskey one, not muscade.

    Most of the names of the colours of CL's paddys dont seem to match up with the references on here???
  4. I like the blue one. I have a jeans moyen (thanks to a fellow Pfer:flowers:) which is a blue-grey color, and I love Love LOVE it. It works great casually!
  5. i think the "ginger" one will look the best with a casual look.
  6. I think ginger is whiskey - its too orange for muscade.

  7. Hi jeans moyen owners...
    I have a related question... :confused1:What colour shoes do you wear with your jeans moyen? Does the bag look (a bit) off in winter?
  8. Love the Blue One!!! :tup::drool: