Mini Outlet + Dillards Haul

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  1. So stopped by the Dawsonville outlet today to do a bunch of returns and then see what was there. Super excited to see the pink basket clutch in the delete section so I grabbed that. Then decided it's almost Valentine's Day so I got the heart iPhone case. Saw some cute fobs also heart themed and pink (hello cowboy boot!) too. Continuing the pink theme I also found the metallic C poppy double zip to match the bag I bought back in the fall. Then decided to stop by the mall on my way back to see if by chance I could fine the matching phone case on sale to the double zip and I did at Dillard's (only $16 with their 40% off clearance)! Thanks for letting me share.

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  2. Nice shopping trip :smile:
  3. All very nice!

    What other deletes did you see at Dawsonville? Madison?
  4. Congrats very nice items:smile:
  5. everything is so lovely, esp that basket clutch!

  6. Thanks. Posted in the n. Ga thread. Lots of phoebe and Madeline.
  7. Thanks. I think the basket clutch is my favorite find of the day :smile:
  8. Great scores, Congrats!
  9. Congrats! Nice haul! Twins on the basket clutch! It's awesome!
  10. All so cute!! Congrats!
  11. Great finds! Congrats!
  12. Great deals and lots of cute goodies. Enjoy!
  13. Nice choices! I love all of them! That Sadie is Gorge! ;)
  14. Love that Sadie! So tempted to take the trip over but I think I have my heart set on a Minetta. Gorgeous color and I love the small cases too. Nice shopping day! :smile:
  15. Beautiful! Twins on the heart iPhone case, and I especially LOVE that Sadie!!!