Mini or small car owners??


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May 22, 2006
I bought my manual Mini Cooper S convertible new in 2005. I absolutely love it. I call it my bumble bee, but the guys i work with have nicknamed it the "El Diablo" :lol: because i've had a new cool air intake filter, a new pulley, a heavier rear sway bar put in plus a few more mods done to give me the same power as the John Cooper Works just minus the price tag :P and no warranties voided :P

Its a great car to drive, easy to just floor the accelerator when you need to get out fast, i love how my seats are height adjustable (very important for short people like me!), i have a colour co ordinated interior, half leather seats with built in heaters (also very important for driving with the roof down in a crisp cold morning). Love the Harman Kardon stereo, i've got added stereo controls on the back of my steering wheel so i can change tunes/volume without moving away from the wheel or looking away from the road and with the mini BMW ipod interface it means i can listen to all my playlists through my car stereo!!! I have never had any issues with transporting other people in my car, i can fit 6'2" in it relatively confortably they're just not allowed to complain about leg room :lol:

The only thing i hate about it are the run flat tyres, i've got no room to carry a spare tyre with me, so these allow me to drive around for an extra 500km with a hole in my tyre, but replacing the tyres costs me $500 each :cry:


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Nov 30, 2006
Hi Sara,
Your car sounds wonderful! I have a yellow Mini already and was thinking about the boxster, I have now decided on this car
in black and brown leather!
I am glad that you like yours!! My boyfriend said he would love to drive it too!Lol!!

Great choice. The new Mini interior is less retro than mine - they've made a few changes but not enough to tempt me to trade mine for a while yet! The best thing is hot orange wasn't hugely popular so I can always spot my car in the car park!!


Jul 12, 2006
i have a small red car and i love my car.i bought it this year.

it looks like that car. :biggrin: