Mini or small car owners??

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  1. Hi
    I am now thinking about getting a mini convertible, does anyone own one? How are they to drive day to day?

    If you dont have a mini but another small car, what is it?



    Pics would be a help!Lol!!:smile:
  2. My cousin's girlfriend drives a mini. I've borrowed it a couple of times - It's really nice on the road, but definitely not so comfortable on road trips. :P
  3. I just totaled my SLK350, which is arguably a pretty small car (2 seater) and a hardtop convertible. It was actually pretty roomy inside and the drive was good in terms of the luxury car side. I also testdrove a Lotus, which while it looks cool is totally a driver's car since I felt every bump in the road. Good luck with the mini!
    Here's a pic, I miss that thing!

  4. Berlyn, what a bummer that you totaled your SLK 350! I have an older SLK230 and I love it. It's small, but you don't feel like you're in a tiny car, the hardtop convertible is great, and it gets wonderful gas mileage! Tiny cars rock!
  5. i wish i could, i have 2 my small car days are gone for a while.

    i used to have a tiny honda civic in college, it would zip through traffic. i loved it.
  6. Nice, keep her safe :tup: I'm in the market for another small car now. I was thinking of getting another SLK, but Porsche, the new audi TT with that adorable automatic spoiler, possibly the new hardtop convertible BMW, or if I really dare to stretch the budget, Maserati Spyder are calling. I was thinking of going total opposite and buying like a HUGE hummer or something but I'm a horrible parker and would either take up 2 stalls or hit someone:sad:
  7. I test drove the mini cabriolet and the beetle cab, and went for the beetle as the size inside was better, but the drive of the mini really is outstanding.

    I went again, not even 3 months ago to see another mini, and its even better now, but the room in the back is not enough for my two little girls.

    If you dont have children, I would without doubt say go for it, the gearbox is just fantastic!
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone!! I am going to drive the Mini and then the boxster and see which one feels best! Also on my purse!Lol!
    I have no kids, so ChloeBabe thanks for the tip about the back seats!Lol!
  9. ^Boxsters are very fun, and so are the Carreras -- I almost traded in my little SLK for one of those, but I wound up keeping her instead ... more money for handbags! :tup:
  10. I've been dying to get a Boxster for a while but I'm not in the market for a car. I'm curious to know what you think of it. I've never driven one, just ridden as a passenger.
  11. I love the look of Mini Coopers but I know people who call them "Mini Coffins" because of how badly you could be hurt if hit by a larger vehicle.

    Plus I am like 5'10 so I don't know if I could fold myself into one! LOL

    I will never forget the scenes with the Mini Coopers in "The Italian Job"! Such a good movie!
  12. Boxster is on my list in the new car possibility realm as well. The only gripe I have is that its not a hardtop convertible. It looks great with the stock 19inch sport rims though. How about the Cayman S? That is pretty sweet, despite the lack of convertible option.
  13. Thanks for all of your replies, I am now 99% sure I am going to get a mini cooper s - sidewalk convertible.
    It will be better for driving in London! The boxster can wait for a few more years. It takes 3 months from ordering, will post pics when it arrives!
  14. Hi Sammyjoe - I've got a Cooper convertible and I absolutely love it. Mine is hot orange with black roof and black leather interior and is divine. Admittedly there's no way you can get the supermarket shopping in the boot but that's what DH's car is for!
    I've taken mine on short trips and long trips and it drives like a dream. My DH is always wangling to borrow it...
  15. Hi Sara,
    Your car sounds wonderful! I have a yellow Mini already and was thinking about the boxster, I have now decided on this car
    in black and brown leather!
    I am glad that you like yours!! My boyfriend said he would love to drive it too!Lol!!