Mini or Small Boy???

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  1. I went to the boutique today ended up buying a mini boy, this is my first boy but once I took it home I start to have doubt... its so small! But I love it because its so cute.

    Is there a large difference between the Mini and the Small? Should I just keep the mini??

    Disclaimer: I do not know anything about the boy bag...
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397174616.489284.jpg
  3. I have both! let me take a look :smile: brb

  4. Yay!! :smile:

    Which would you recommend as a 'must get' for first boy.
  5. Can you provide a photo comparison?
  6. I find for the price of a small boy you might as well try and get old medium.... So if you had to choose mini or small boy I'd get mini I think....
  7. That's cute! Is it calf or lamb?
  8. Calf Skin I believe. :smile:
  9. Is the one I have in the photo called the small? (I thought it was called the mini since its so tiny.. or is this the Mini, I can't seem to find anything about boy mini online).

    May I ask what is the price difference? Do they still sell the old medium at the boutiques?

  10. Oh I refer to it as small I think they were renaming these.... Mini= small I think.... I thought you were asking between getting this or a classic flap mini?
  11. the small boy is 3700 and the old medium is 3900 i think...the classic minis are 2400 so there is a significant difference :smile:
  12. Ohhh I guess I have the small size then... (3700), I was debating that one and the old medium (3900)... since it is only a 200 dollar difference!

    I'm kind of thinking of going for the old medium... but they don't have any at the store for me to see. This small size boy is too cute..
  13. I personally prefer the size of the old medium for the boy.
  14. My SA is calling the Small the Mini now, so I guess i'm really just deciding between the small and the medium. :smile:
  15. Curious: Why is it called the old medium? What is the difference between the new medium and old medium?