Mini Or Regular Size Azure Accessories Pouch?

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  1. I just got the Speedy Azure 30..... YEAH! Now I am looking for a pouch to keep inside the bag. Should I get the mini or regular size Azure Accessories pouch? Which is more versatile and multi purpose? Probably the bigger one, huh?
  2. Depends what you plan to put inside? I have both and actually use both in my bag. It helps separate my junks! Maybe you could get both? :tup:
  3. Do you use the bigger one a lot on its own? For instance when you don't want to take the Speedy with you?
  4. ^^ Yeah, I agree. The small one is very limited in use, whereas the regular size can be used as a small purse on its own. Great for clubs, bars, quick runs to the store, etc. It's worth the money to get bigger. Exactly like you said, when I don't want to take the Speedy (esp. since I have a 30), I grab my pochette.
  5. P-B,

    I am leaning towards the bigger one. Thanks for your reply.:yes:
  6. I like the mini.... it's just cuter. The regular pochette is not my style and I think the smaller one is much cuter when used as a wristlet. It would fit everything I need for clubbing (phone, lipgloss, cash, ID, etc.).
  7. I prefer the bigger one
  8. I had the same problem and decided with the regular size one because it's more versatile.
  9. i like the mini- i have no idea why. i think i saw someone with some kind of hideous fake in the bigger size and must have been scarred for life.
  10. I have the regular sized pochette and love using it when I'm going out or on vacation. I was thinking about getting a mini to use inside my purse. What do you think?
  11. I did own both and recently sold the reg size one since I own the mono pochette and never found the time to use the azur. My mini one is used in my bigger bags to hold my makeup, floss, etc.

    Both are great. Especially the reg size can be used as a handbag and inside a bigger bag.
  12. I bought the mini one...I was in the same situation as you, I bought the Azur 30 and wanted a bag to use inside of it. I felt the regular size was a little too big in the speedy and I like the gold chain on the mini better than the vachetta strap on the regular size.
  13. I don't like that gold chain on the mini ~ I think the regular size one is more versatile. I just can't decide which pattern to get, so I love all these threads about the different bags.
  14. I have both (use them as make-up bags), but if I could only have one ... I'd go with the bigger one, as you can carry it as a clutch too! The little one is great for when I use my smaller bags.
  15. Oh Dear....... Now I want both! You guys have nothing bad to say about either of them. I guess I will have to sleep on it and postpone my decision about the winner. Thanks everyone for your input. Still.....:confused1::confused1::confused1: