Mini or Phantom

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  1. Mini Luggage!!!
  2. I think the small phantom would be great on you !!!!
  3. Amacasa, we are bag twins! Can you show us a pic on how you organize your stuff with the zipped cloth sack? I'm a bit scared of the open top too and I'm reluctant to tuck in the wings coz it looks better with the open wings IMO
  4. Hi Jing58,
    I'm only 5'3 and I love wearing my phantom with flats.. So I say go with phantom. It is more chic and casual than a mini. However, if you prefer to carry a smaller and more formal looking bag then mini it is.
    Hope this helps!
  5. Phantom is so rockin !!! Its my favorite...waitn for my green one !!!
  6. sure BD girl!
    here we go! excuse the messy paper / receipts in my organizer!!!:P


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  7. and one more !

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  8. I love your bag! Your scarf inside so beautiful!! May I ask you who makes this beauty?
  9. Thanks marina!;)
    Its by Yarnz... got them on sale... wonderful for gift giving as well... Just google it and maybe you will easily find it on sale right now! Regular $ 250 on sale around $ 90
    good luck dear!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing these pics. This is a great idea for any big bag.

    Thanks again.
  11. Thanks a lot!!!
  12. You are welcome Alux!!! Ive looked and looked for a zip bag online the whole of last weekend as I know that i wanted to use the phantom for an auction at my children's school...
    And little did I know that this zara pouch ( that's been sitting in my closet for a year unused) is what i needed all along!!! ;)

  13. Thank you amacasa for sharing with us. What a great idea!
  14. Hi Gals, thank you for your commends on my original post. Guess what? I brought Phantom (black drummed leather) today, from NM, they have gift card events from 25-27th ($100GC for every $500 spending) But you have to have NM card. I didn't have it, so I opened it today. It's very good deal, go for it if you are planning to buy, before the price goes up next month. BTW, you can buy basically any designer bag, including Chanel.
  15. this is brilliant!!!
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