Mini or Phantom

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  1. 5' 4'', am I too short for Phantom?
  2. Not in my opinion! :smile: actually the phantom is 1 inch shorter than the mini (12"x12") in terms of its width and length (phantom 11"x11"). However it is just deeper than the mini (phantom is 10" vs mini is 7"), so it gives the illusion that it is overall bigger, or bulkier.

    I am only 5'1", but I don't feel like the phantom is too big on me at all! Plus it's really light. :smile:
  3. i also think that phantom would be perfect on you , it is so lovely!:heart:
  4. No, I think the phantom will be fine for you.
  5. phantom will be absolutely fine! i'm only an inch taller than you and i love my small phantom
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    I am only half an inch taller than u n phantom looks great on me especially when I load it n pull the wings out, the base will sag n less bulky. Phantom is lighter than a mini to me. :smile: So I would say go for it n good luck!
  7. Thank you gals for you words, I like phantom too, coz it has more edgy looking. One more question, do you use bag organizer inside?
  8. I just got a mini. I m 5 ft 6. Never thought of getting a phantom after getting 6 luggages.
  9. Nope. I'm shorter than you and I don't think the Phantom looks disproportionate to my frame. If you're dithering between a Mini and a Phantom, my honest opinion is that you're probably better off with a Phantom, unless you plan to get both for variety's sake. I've been using my Mini for about a week and find it less comfortable on the shoulder than my Phantom which I've had for about a year. You're probably not meant to carry them on your shoulder but that's my natural instinct and both fit fine.
  10. I have both! I feel mini is more formal with clean lines and top zipper helps for security!
    Phantom I feel lately is actually more chic in a nonchalant and less formal way but the top
    Being open is too scary!
    What I did is a put my bag organizer in a
    Zara zipped cloth sack and so when
    You take a peak inside my croc stamped phantom
    All you will see is a zipped cotton sack !
    Now I'm loving the phantom more!
    I didn't use her for 4 months straight as I was
    Scared of the open top!
  11. Hi Jing,
    I too find the Phantom to be more edgy looking:smile: Go for it:smile:
  12. I'm glad to know some people can wear a mini or phantom over their shoulders. I'm about to purchase a phantom over the phone, and I'd like the option to put it on my shoulder in a pinch. I'm quite petite and can wear a Louis Vuitton Sac Plat on my shoulder with a sweater but not a jacket. I'm hoping the phantom will fit if I need it to. Is it reasonably comfortable on your shoulder?
  13. i can fit the phantom over my shoulder, but the base is structured and nearly square so your upper arm is out at a diagonal over the bag - does that make sense? i don't think it's super uncomfortable but definitely doable!
  14. That's good to know! I've been a little hesitant to go ahead with the purchase, but this makes me feel much better about it. i guess as the bottom bows, my arm would stick out less too. Is it easier to put a phantom over your shoulder than a mini, or are they the same?
  15. yeah it's definitely doable!! i like to fly with my phantom because it's so easy to get in/out of, so when dragging along a roller bag it's convenient to have the option to put it on my shoulder.

    i find it easier to get my phantom over my shoulder than my mini, curious what others think?
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