mini or large quilted affair?


Mar 14, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland
I've never purchased a RM bag before and definitely want a quilted affair. I just can't decide on a size. I can't decide between the mini pale grey or the large tortora. I found the mini 33% off and the large 20% off so both are great deals. I just can't decide which size to get. I'm 5'4'' and pretty thin. I like large bags for functionality but then hate them later on because I feel like the bag is wearing me. I'm worried that the large on is going to look too big and not chic, and I'm worried that I won't be able to fit anything in the small one and then never wear it.

I usually carry my wallet, phone, mace, metro card holder, keys, chapstick, protein/granola bar, and a small notebook or something like that.


Jun 11, 2014

As I understand it, the Affair comes in three sizes; mini, standard, and large. Do you definitely mean the large Affair?

I have two standard Affairs, and think the size is perfect! It looks well proportioned on me (I'm 5'7 and average build). I haven't seen the Large Affair in real life, but I think the proportions would look a little odd on me.

The standard Affair holds SO much stuff (much more than I was ever expecting) thanks to the sides which have studs on which you can keep closed, or pop over to expand the depth of the bag. The most that I would happily carry in my bag (without it looking overstuffed) is a purse (I carry a very small bifold, but you could fit a large on in), a 500 ml bottle of water, a couple of A5 notebooks (i.e. a diary and a notepad), pens, various pouches containing makeup, cards, keys, chapsticks etc, and my phone. I think you could stuff more in it too, but then it starts to distort the shape of the bag. Don't forget there is also a back pocket on the standard and Large sizes too, so there's extra space available, on top of the main compartment.

All in all, I highly recommend the standard size Affair. I have a couple of mini Macs (which I assume are more-or-less the same size as the mini Affair) and I don't tend to reach for them that much as although you can fit a lot in them, I really like to carry around a bottle of water with me.

Hope that helps! I actually have the Affair in pale grey. I really didn't like the colour at first (it looked really plasticky) but it has really grown on me. I conditioned and protected the leather, which took some of the sheen off it (which I prefer) and I love the colour now. As a bonus, the leather feels really durable and isn't prone to scratching.
Aug 17, 2008
I have 2 Large Affairs and 2 regular size Affairs, no mini's. I prefer the size of the large probably but I don't think she makes it anymore. I bought a regular affair as my first RM, it is smaller than purses I usually carry so I had to pare down. I thought I didn't like the regular size as a day purse so then I bought 2 large affairs when I found them on clearance and I really like them a lot but I've found they can be heavy when you fill them up. I actually like the regular size for times when I want a lighter weight purse and don't need to carry so much. I think it also depends if you want to double the strap or single strap. The large looks great doubled but not single IMO. The regular size I think looks better single but it is also fine doubled. The regular is too short for me to wear cross body (I'm about your height) but perfect just on the shoulder carried single strap. Mini would be way too small for me, I do think you can wear mini cross body, not sure though as I don't have it.


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Dec 1, 2012
Fragrant Harbour
the regular size is for you. i got a mini and i have a hard time to get my wallet (long wallet) into it. even so, it will take up all the space. for whatever reason, the regular size looks better and more flexible.


Jul 26, 2013
I always say go for the larger one if u are even slightly worried about one being too small - it probably is. I'm 5"1 weigh 90lbs and I would go for the bigger one in a heart beat. looking at the dimensions i wouldnt consider it a particularly large bag.

(& I don't lug around a tonne , but definitely not a ' wallet, phone & keys' girl; i also carry my glasses and also sunnies, hand sanitizer, a mirror and lippie. These wouldn't fit comfortably on most of rms mini cross body bags)


Jul 22, 2010
Ditto above. I just got the "regular" size Affair (11" X 7.5") and am finding it a great size for everyday stuff - though I don't carry a lot and it doesn't sound like you do either - while being not a HUGE bag. I'm 5'6" and find it a bit large on the hip when carried crossbody, but not overdone. All depends on how much you carry and how you want to use it! Good luck!


Sep 3, 2014
I got the standard size (not the mini, not the large) and I love it. I'm 5'7 and it's the perfect size for me. I saw mod shots of the large one and it seems too huge. Personally, I think the standard size is quite roomy. I can fit my MK Hamilton wallet, my Personal Filofax, my huge set of keys, my phone, my ipod and my sunglasses pouch. Definitely roomier than the Love Crossbody. I know the mini comes in more colors than the standard, but it would be way too small for me.