Mini or CF small / medium ?

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  1. Hello
    I need your advice.
    I bought the rectangle mini in black lamb with AGHW in March.

    Now I take my mind if I let her go (credit) and save more money for the classic flap or reissue In small but I think better is medium size.

    I think I want both in my live but is it better to buy the cf / reissue at first and second the mini (also because the price increase) ? And if so would you buy a reissue with Chevron or quilted or a classic flap quilted lamb with gold HW. And why ?

    My currently lifestyle: I am a stay at home mum with 3 toddlers (between baby and 6 years) And less date nights. So the Mini is more versatile / useable right now I think and in maybe one or two years the cf / reissue works better for me ?!? or would be the classic flap / reissue also perfect for my lifestyle right Now.

    What would you advise me?
    Is the mini to expensive in comparison with the cf/ reissue?

    Thank you a lot :smile:
    BAC511DA-8AD3-4492-8B2F-63CE59C58258.jpeg 9D61F0C2-C2DD-4E40-83F7-FFCF17C0CAD8.jpeg
  2. Oh gee- with 3 little ones, you are going to get more use out of the cf or reissue! You can use that day and night. And you will fit just a little more in it. I like those more (than mini) because you can double up that strap and tuck it under your arm- way easier than a bag swinging at your hip with one baby in front harness and 2 others you are trying to hold on too! Remember, the cross body you have to put across body- head otherwise too long!
    Love the photo with little arms and legs hanging in way of $3500 bag! That’s real life!
  3. I like the CF on you and I would choose the caviar and not lambskin. If you want a mini, I suggest a square - either lambskin or caviar. The strap drop on the rectangular mini looks quite long even crossbody on you. It must be over 24" in length?
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  4. With a kid on arm on most times, I'll definitely prefer anything that can crossbody.
    Thing about the Classic Flaps is the one sided chain. Meaning I gotta keep sweeping the bag backwards ...and the chain might dangle off my shoulders at times too..
    Not sure if u get what I mean.
    I really prefer the bag to be fuss free when I'm using it with kidd .
    Storage wise.. even if the ML does fit more. But it would not make much difference.
    I wudnt put their snacks n wipes inside the bag. It'll add on weight on my shoulders too.
    So those kiddo stuff will go into a bigger bag.. like the Goyard or Neverfull....
    So my take is... Mini. SQ or rectangular.. it's up to your preference.
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  5. Im a mom of two small toddlers as well and I own a M/L Classic Flap that’s been sitting in the dust bag for the last year, since I got it. I love that bag but it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle right now. I bought it because I wanted to get it before the price increase and I still don’t regret buying it, as I I know I will use it once my kids are a bit older.
    With small kids I only use crossbody bags or my LV Neverfull, so the rectangular mini is on my wish list because I can wear it crossbody. With kids you want to have your hands free at all times. The M/L CF is not practical at all as it keeps sliding off my shoulder when I have to carry my youngest one as well. And date nights are rare these days, so, if I was you, I’d get the mini first.
  6. If you want more space but can still crossbody, the reissue would be a good choice too. I love the mini and I would keep it but since you have several little ones, you might have to be a little more careful since it’s a lambskin.
  7. Sounds like your lifestyle *right now* is more suited to the mini. Buy for what you need now and not in a few years imo. There will always be time to add the cf/reissue and you can keep trying them on and seeing what you prefer.
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    Hihi thank you. yes that’s my real life..... Trying this expensive bag with sleeping baby on me lol. thank you for your opinion!
    You are right. I need more space but I would pack baby things like snacks, diaper in another bag ;)
    I am a little bit afraid that this medium cf could be scratched very easily with little toddlers. Bag Catch the wall or fall of the bottom, slide down from my shoulder ?!? Doesn’t matter if caviar or lamb. Both to expensive for those carelessness.
  9. Thank you. Yes i Love both!! And i also want and need both but Unfortunately step by step. For this reason my hard decision :/ the mini I could shorten the strap with a ribbon?! Nobody have a black square in stock in my country.
  10. Thank you ! That mean you don’t prefer the cf with children/ toddlers ? Do i understand this right? The cf is not fuss free enough for you?
    Yes i think i know what you mean with the chain/ strap. And it makes my heart cry if the bag would fallen down to bottom. (Just for information: my children’s are first place, but my purses are my second or 4th places and like my baby’s too lol)
  11. Thank you. That’s very informative!
  12. I bought an urban spirit backpack bc baby. CF and even mini too hard to wear for me.
  13. Yes i Know. Lambskin is not the best Choice But i don’t Want caviar. No risk, no fun lol ;) I also love the reissue cause the strap is longer, the leather more durable and more understated. ;) but afraid or take my mind if this is the right bag in my current lifestyle.
  14. Yes you are absolute right! Thank you
  15. Thank you all for your :smile:

    Take my mind today. I wear my lv bag (canvas) today and watched every situation I had with the children. Kids kicked the bag (unintentional), bag slide off the shoulder. Normally I Baby my bags but this one is my „daily rocker“ but wich I also keep care of her. But if I Think this would be a Chanel (cf) I think it it’s not the right bag for my lifestyle right now.
    I think I keep the mini and next one will be a cf.

    Just thought if i bought the „right“ one yet.
    But I think the mini is the right choice at this moment.... hope ;)

    But the CF also looks so beautiful. I am so in love with both
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