Mini or Boy?

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  1. hello! I'm debating between a black lambskin mini with shiny ruthenium hardware or the old medium lambskin boy with ruthenium hardware. They're completely two different bags, but I'm so torn because this will be my first Chanel purchase. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. My friend bought the mini with shiny ruthenium hw and it's gorgeous! I liked it so much I put my name down for one. It reminds me of the so black bags, without the worry of chipping the coating.
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  3. Can you post a pic of it please!
  4. Personally I don't like old medium in boys. For me boys bag are for cassual and fun even therefore I gravitate more to new medium size cause it can fit more. And for mini it has so many options you can wear it to wedding or you can wear it to go food shopping, dining out. So for me it's wiser to go with mini if you can only had one. Good luck
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  5. I would personally go for the Mini. Good luck deciding! :smile:
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  6. Sure, here they are!

    Thank you, everyone for your feedback. This is very helpful!

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  7. can u get BOTH??? :graucho: if not, although i LOVE the boy, i don't like it in any size larger than the small. in terms of bang for your buck, rect mini is $3100 vs $4700 for old medium boy, mini is lined is leather, boy is not, rect mini fits almost as much as old medium so my vote goes to the rect mini!!
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  8. I have both and love my mini to death, but I use my old medium more often. The old medium boy holds more and can be used for office, weekends, casual, etc. Mini is more for casual and weekends wear and maybe with less formal cocktail attire. Having both in your collection would be ideal, but if you can only have only, the boy gets my vote. However, minis are so hard to come by and if you can get your hands on one in the combo you want, you will not be disappointed with it! Good luck deciding!
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  9. Hello, may I ask where did ur friend purchase e mini from? And when did she purchase the bag? It's so pretty! I got one in caviar with antique gold hw, but I'm yearning for this kinda black hardware more. :heart::heart::heart:
  10. If it were me I would go with the mini, they are harder to get your hands on and you can always get a boy later if you still want one. Good luck deciding! :heart:
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  11. You can't go wrong with either of these!
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  12. I want a boy myself so I would say boy, bur the mini is amazing. Both classics so you can't go wrong here. When are you going to use it, format or casual?
  13. Both look great but in this case I would go for the mini.
  14. I have both and I use my minis far more than my boy, my vote goes to mini.
  15. I have both mini and boy old medium, they are the best! Cant go wrong with them!