mini novak

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  1. not much to say here just wanted to post this pic of the mini novak because it's just too cute


    i think i'm just a sucker for any bag that has the word "mini" in front of paddy, mini novak............probably cuz i'm so short

    another picture

  2. It is cute! Nice post!
  3. I think that's still a crochet Novak, though...
  4. I was hoping that they would make a smaller version. CUTE!
  5. OOps. Just saw the other pic. I'm wrong!
  6. what is that made out of?? kinda cute.
  7. the bag's 12x9x4 and it's woven leather........
  8. Aww.. too cute !
  9. LOVE it!!!
  10. Another top handle / hand-carry bag that I like! *cries*
  11. too cute, it would be a great evening bag in a diff color!
  12. Cute! I love it.
  13. adorable! it's my perfect bag size!
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