Mini Novak Bag

  1. Is it only available at Alexander McQueen Stores or places such as Selfridges also.
    I really want one they look really cute!

  2. Shoequeen - if you are in the UK or more specifically London I have seen a couple of these recently in Liberty in Regent Street and I believe Harvey nicks and Harrods stock them too. They had a mini plus one of the full size ones in this gorgeous lipstick red - I was drooling!! Amazingly though both were roughly the same price, I would have thought the mini would have been cheaper but there you go.
  3. I have seen them on Net a Porter. They sell quickly though.
  4. i saw a few at selfridges when i was there last week. definitely give them a call.
  5. They are so cute! I saw a mini Novak in black last week at le Bon Marché in Paris, it was the one with metal studs on a long leather strap, not the shorter chain strap from last spring. Really nice, a bit more "rock'n roll" and less like an evening bag than the other. Havent seen this one on NAP yet.
  6. It is so cute IRL - you should definately get it!:yes: