mini noe

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  1. hi guys! i am now offically in love with the mini noe! (thanks to jazzybelle....not that thats a bad thing! LOL!...) any way, could you guys post pics of you wearing th mini mono noe? also how much stuff you can put in it? (pics too!)thanks! i am starting this thread cause im wondering if i should get the mini noe or the peite noe.... so please post pics! :P
  2. that mini noe is soo cute!!! but if you decide against it, will you be getting petit noe in monogram, epi, or multicolore?
  3. The Petit Noe is waaaay too big for you. I'll be back in a sec with photos of my Mini!
  4. waiting....i just love the mini noe! :heart: :love: :heart:
  5. still waiting......i am a very impatient person
  6. :yes::yes::yes::yes:

  7. K, here are photos! They are:

    3-Bottom (be prepared for the vachetta to get dirty, no matter how neat you are :crybaby: )
    4-Top view w/belongings inside
    5-Everything it holds! :yahoo:

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  8. ^^^^^^^ its tinier than i expected... i dont think the petit noe is too big looking..
  9. hmmmm.. very nice mono cllection jazzy! i like! i like alot! more pics please....(i am very demanding too.... in a polite way! LOL!) (I love LOL LOL!)
  10. What other pics do you want?
  11. Here is a beautiful one :love:

  12. It's adorable, jazzybelle! Modeling pics please!! :yes:
  13. K, here are two preggo modeling pics!

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  14. jazzybelle that is so cute!!!
  15. I love it! I'm still also wondering which one between the mini and petit. I saw the petit noe and it's huge, I prefer the mini.