Mini Noe / Petit Noe Opinions ...

  1. Here is the deal.

    I'm between getting a Monogram Mini Noe or a Monogram Petit Noe.

    I like the mini. I wonder how big it would be? can it fit on the shoulder?

    Karen's website - Bienvenue offers a great panorama of all Noe, I wonder why the Mini looks that big :wtf:



  2. get the mini , it's small but super cute
  3. Go on e-luxury and check out the measurements for the mini and petit noes.... I would go for the petit noe.....have you seen the picture of the baby inside the petit noe? So cute... look for it on the Noe clubhouse - I think it's on the 3rd page.
  4. I don't see it in the clubhouse section


    I want to see that cute baby!
  5. Personally, I love Petite Noe just bcos it's functional and pretty.
    Noe is quite large for me while Mini Noe looks so cute but not roomy!
  6. I searched on eBay and saw that some petit noe have a different bottom that the one we can see on elux, is it the old version?
  7. The mini noe is sooooooooooo cute. Its hand held. But it small. I love how the Petit Noe feels as a shoulder purse. I would love a MC Petit Noe, or Monogram Petit Noe. And of course I would love a mini noe because I held it, and it's so cute.
  8. I took the liberty to re-post the cutest pic ever.
    The picture belong to the pfer elle-mo

  9. ^^^^ LoL!!!! OMG that is the cutest baby in the world!!! :lol:

    Go for the Petit Noé! Although I really don't know how small the Mini Noé is :confused1:
  10. petit noe!!!
  11. This is so cute!!!!!!!! Awwwwww, I love this picture. :yes:
  12. ^^^^ soooo cute!!!!^^^^
    oh and I like the petit noe!
    I just got a blue one and so exited to get it!
  13. i like mini noe best.... maybe u can have it specially made with epi'd be so adorable :smile:
  14. i once bought the mini noe and returned it for store credit...i think the size was just right for me to go out..i don't really carry a lot but u get the idea...the reason why i returned it was because i couldn't stand the bottom vachetta