Mini Noe owners?....

  1. I don't know why but i've fallen inlove with this bag. I was drooling over at the Noe Clubhouse section.

    I have 2 question though, Does it hold alot? and can you put it over the shoulder even with a coat on? Winter is coming up usually i put on alot of clothes (shirt,sweater,vest and then a coat).
    Anyone got pics with over the shoulder please?

  2. anyone?.....
  3. unless you have skinny arms, i dont think you can fit it over the shoulder at all
  4. It's a cute bag and is definitely big enough to hold your essentials. You can't put it on your shoulder with a coat on because the handle is not big enough.

    Mini Noe is designed to be hand-carried.
  5. ohh hmm bummer!! I lvoe it so much. The bigger version is too big for my taste. would it be possible if I bought extra strap and wrap it around twice?...
  6. its a handbag not a shoulder bag, you can add a long strap to it though.