Mini noe in Damier

  1. Hey guys!!!!!!!!

    Hope everyones enjoying the long weekend!!!

    While stuffing my face yesturday...I happen to look up for air and caught a lady with the mini noe in was the sweetest bag ever!!!!

    It was sooo charming...and although, I was pretty set in getting the waist pack style for travel....I am dreaming of this bag.

    I need your much is it?? Can I get it SOed in Damier?? Any pics???? Help!!!!!!:drool:
  2. I think you can SO it in Damier. i think it fits abit. But it is so cute.
  3. I agree it is a darling bag! Not sure about the SO, good luck!
  4. It is adorable...
    if it only had a longer strap !!!
  5. it would be even better if it was messenger style.
  6. Wow a Damier Mini Noe sounds wonderful! I wonder why they don't offer it already?

  7. I have a mini noe and i bought a long strap. IT'S SUPER CUTE!:love: and mini noe holds soooo many things