Mini Noe - epi??

  1. I was planning to get either a Petit Noe or a Speedy 25 in Epi leather - was leaning towards the Petit Noe but after trying one on - well it was huge on me. Speedy turned out to be not so much for me as I spied an Alma close by (love it!). But I digress...

    Does anyone know if LV plans to release the Mini Noe in Epi? Or has this been done in the past? Sorry if silly question, I am relatively new to LV. :yes:
  2. Hmm...I think that the mini noe is only available in the monogram canvas :sad: I wish they had it in epi!

    I also wish there were Noes in the damier print...would LOVE that...
  3. ^ I'm thinking of doing a SO Damier Noe unless they come out with a new color in Epi. Otherwise, like Bernz says it only comes in Monogram a Mini Noe that is.
  4. hmmm. That is too bad about the Epi. So how does one do a SO? I would expect this to increase the price sigificantly?
  5. It's the price of the original bag plus 30% and requires a 50% non-refundable deposit. Takes approximately 6 months?:shrugs:
  6. Interesting... thanks! I may just have to go down that route. :yes: