Mini Noe Anyone?

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  1. I just noticed the Mini Noe was back up on e-luxury. Does anyone have this version of the Noe? (It's smaller than the Petite Noe and the hand held version). I think it is really cute but was wondering if it would be better to just spend the extra $100 or so and go with the Petite? Decisions, decisions.... :graucho:
  2. I am DYING to get a mini noe but in mini mono!!!:upsidedown:
  3. I would spend the extra $100 for the petit noe. The mini doesn't seem like it would hold too much. It's really cute, but I don't know if it would be very practical. I think it is something you that would have to go to the store and see them side by side to know for sure.
  4. The mini noe is really cute but I find it awkward to carry and the drawstring drives me nuts. The drawstring always has to be tied after each time otherwise it looks weird which is unlike the petite noe where the bag is big enough that even when untied, you don't have to worry about the contents falling out. I find the noelie much more versatile and less hassle than the mini noe. Hope this helps! :smile:
  5. Thank you all so much! I will definitely check this and the Petit out when I go to SF. :flowers:
  6. here are my mini noe and mini monogram noelie. they're cute, aren't they?? :yes:
    a.jpg b.jpg
  7. Now you are just being mean!:sad: J/K:lol: I WANT THAT NOELIE!!!:hysteric:NOW!!!:hysteric:
  8. sorry LV_addict, but they are really cute :love:
  9. I am just kidding!!!:lol: They ARE adorable!!! I hope I am able to find one soon!:nuts:
  10. Dee, those are so cute!!!!!! :nuts:
  11. if u get the mini mono noes, u don't have to tie the strings!

  12. ^^Yes I know :biggrin: I have per my post that the Noelie (mini mono noe) is less hassle lol
  13. ^^ :P
  14. Aww.. they're like the perfect couple ! :yes:
  15. Oh I love the mini! What a pretty bag. Great pics!