Mini Nikki...Which color is more versitale?

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  1. I have thought it over and I am trying to decide on a color. I'd like to find either lavender or Sea foam. Which do you think is more of a versatile color?:smile:
  2. lav is def more versatile i think! and probably easier to find than seafoam
  3. lavender:tup:
  4. Lavender for sure. More neutral, and IMO just a better color! There is one on ebay with a starting bid of $299.
  5. Lavender!
  6. Of those two colors, no question, Lavender.
  7. of course lavender! But how about wine?
  8. Well that's a majority there. ;)
    I love the wine color ivysun, but I am hoping to find a great price on one, and the wine seems to run a bit higher. It's beautiful though. :girlsigh:
  9. Lol, I will go against the grain and say Seafoam!!! But I find it so versatile because green is my favorite color. I own one too so I guess I am very biased. But I agree the Seafoam is much harder to find.

    I wouldn't kick a Lavendar Mini Nikki outta bed either though, lol.
  10. I think as a color, Lavender is more of a neutral so it's more versatile. I have a Lavender Roadie and I can throw it on with almost anything.

    But if I were getting a Mini Nikki, I would get Sea Foam (I'm also biased because I have a Sea Foam MN) because the leather is so gorgeously smooshy.

    The leather on my Lavender Roadie is not smooshy (yet, hopefully) so I wouldn't get it for myself in a Nikki or Mini Nikki. Unless, of course, someone starts posting pics of theirs in a puddle! :biggrin:
  11. To be honest, I love soft leather, but I don't want it all puddles either. I do like a tad bit of structure, not stiff. Seems to me, I may have to start with lavender and be on the hunt for a sea foam at some point. They both seem beautiful!
  12. It sounds like Lavender fits the bill then! :biggrin: I can't wait to see some pictures! :choochoo:

    There's one on the Bay right now... :whistle:
  13. Lavender, but I like seafoam better.
  14. :dothewave: Lavender, Lavender, Lavender!! :dothewave:
  15. I am watching it :angel: