Mini Nikki in Wine is a GO for 10 Minkettes!! Sign up here!!

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  1. Wanted to give you all an update and let you know that Cory is checking on leather availability. Please check this thread for updates.

    Let's hope that we can get our special order through :tup:
  2. Oh and I should add: Please post here if you're interested in participating in the special order.
  3. 1. mingtze
  4. how much for the special order?
  5. rebecp - any word?
  6. Not yet :sad: I'll send another email to Cory

  7. I'm definitely still interested!
  8. I am 100% interested! Count me in if it's possible!
  9. I still love one too!
  10. count me in! I been eyeing on the wine but no way i'm gonna want to carry the regular size one!
  11. I may be interested depending on the cost and time line.
  12. Depending on how much I would def get one! I want one really badly but the regular Nikki's are too big for my taste. Please PM if this goes anywhere? :heart:
  13. Have you heard back from Cory yet? Will this come with new or old hardware?
  14. Still no response from Cory :sad: I sent her another email a couple of days ago letting her know that there's a huge interest in this special order and just asked for an update. I'm hoping that we'll hear something soon.

  15. I hope so! I've been wanting my first RM bag and my problem is that I want a wine colored shoulder bag, but I don't want the regular size Nikki, I think it would be too big. A mini would be perfecttttttt!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.