Mini Natasha vs Natasha Q

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  1. I've been watching so many "what's in my bag" videos of both these bags, but I can't make up my mind about which size I'd like best!

    I currently own a Fossil sydney satchel (black), Madewell mini transport tote (brown), and a Fossil sydney crossbody (yellow).

    What would you all recommend for my first MBMJ purchase? Mini Natasha or Natasha Q? I tend to carry a small planner/notebook, small makeup pouch, small wallet, and other bits and bobs.

    Also, I am thinking of getting it in faded aluminum, since it's a color I do not have.
  2. I think if you want to carry all that in a mini Natasha, you will need to pack it carefully and it will be pretty full when you're done. I've got both sizes and the bigger version is much more roomy for everyday use. It would swallow up all that you mentioned and have space to spare. I love my mini Natasha, but I use it more as an evening, lunch out or dog walking kind of bag. You can't get a lot in, especially if you have a full size wallet. You have to scale all your stuff down if you are using this bag. Both bags are lovely, though. I actually prefer the mini size because it's cuter and suits my height more (I'm 5'3").

  3. [emoji106]🏻
  4. This is the one I purchased:

    After some research, I learned that this is the new line of Natasha cross bodies. The hardware is said to be more yellow and there's a difference in leather. Also, I was expecting a lining (not the BW one, the solid color one) and this one doesn't have it. Bummer. I was at Norstrom Rack last week, and decided to purchase online after my visit because I regretted not buying it at the store.

    Now I don't remember what exact model they had at the store - the old or new one.
  5. i have the natasha q love it!
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