Mini Monogrammed Bumbag & Palmsprings Wrist Bag for SS20

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  1. Is anyone looking at these? I know I won't be purchasing them, I'm on ban island. But can't help but feel that these are truly collectibles. They are SO adorable. What can you put inside them? A pack of gum?

    louis_vuitton_backpack-bumbag-party-bracelets-1024x768.jpg bumbag 2.jpg
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  2. Yes they are adorable. I’m think they, well the backpack can be used on your arm when exercising. Coins, card and cash. Tissues lol and yes definitely collectible items for sure. I have the mini Apollo backpack charm and have only used once. But so cute. Hubby thinks I’m crazy buying such an expensive useless item
  3. They are cute but impractical, at least for me. I'm sure someone somewhere is buying these for their child's American Girls doll.
  4. Here's one more.
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  5. Maybe some celebrities will wear them and they'd be all the rage. Practical or not.

    They remind me of the Takashi Murakami boxes that didn't seem useful to me at the time, but proved to be quite a profitable investment in the after market.
    DJIfsjbUMAA_IME.jpg f1bfeb37f3043cc9098bca26a687e3f7.jpg
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  6. Gurl im in ban island as well. But I like the mini backpack one. :heart:
  7. Oooo exercising with it is a practical idea but I don’t think I want to sweat all over it lol

    I like that pic with it on the boot. Really traveling light there.
  8. I'm sorry but the way they have called it the Party Palm Springs Bracelet just makes me think it is somewhere to put your drug stash in! :amazed::cool:
  9. Very likely. I see them as gifts for the really fashion forward girls.
  10. I would really love to get one!! Has anyone seen any around yet?!
  11. HA! The most likely use, I'm sure :cool:
  12. I would actually get one depending on price point lol. How much are they selling these for?