Mini Monogram

  1. Does anyone have any idea how to CLEAN it?

    I have the LV Mini Monogram Juliette with the natural strap.
    It was one of the first bags to come out when this fabric was introduced in 2002.

    I love the bag and I don't want to get rid of it because it's impossible to get a hold of now-I imagine it will be somewhat of a collector's piece for LV lovers-but the fabric gets so FILTHY.

    I asked the SA at my local LV, but they were totally clueless.

  2. that's crazy your SA would have no clue since all the other lines (Antigua, Damier, Cerise, MC, etc.) of LVs come with care booklets, I imagine that the mini mono would as well, since it's fabric.

    I would think you could use a damp cloth and spot clean it. Otherwise call 866-VUITTON and they should definitely be able to help you.
  3. I use an extra gentle cleanser - like the kind you use on your pantyhose. I wet a dishcloth, put some cleanser on it and gently rub the area. It usually foams a bit, then I rinse the cloth out and go over the area a few more times to get the cleanser out. Then I let it dry and you can't even tell where it was cleaned. For prevention, I suggest you use Apple Leather Spray or Shining Monkey.
  4. Thanks guys.
    My mini mono never came with a care booklet :sad:

    Isn't it nuts that a SA wouldn't know?

    I actually asked a SA at the LV boutique in Manhattan who asked 2 others that were there AND I brought it into Manhasset and NO ONE had a clue.

    It was actually what kept me from ever buying anything in that fabric again even though I love the Josephine.
  5. A lot of SAs that have worked in the LV boutique in my city have NO clue about "care and feed" of LV. Maybe they don't even own pieces in the lines you ask about. Anyways, try the cleanser - it works! No more fear of Monogram Mini getting dirty! Any dirt marks have always come out when I clean it.