mini monogram will be discontinued???

  1. i was just browsing let-trade eBay listing page and i saw their member blog---It is already 1:21 am in the morning in hong kong........ Have any people hear that Louis Vuitton is discontinuing the "mini monogram" series? This is what I hear from Hong Kong's Louis Vuitton store.----------
    what do you guys think?????
  2. may be some particular color(s), but not the entire mini lin line?
    lol, thanks for clearify that up jen, seems like i have the two mixed up ^^;
  3. mini monogram has been discontinued. mini lin replaced it :yes:
  4. Mini monogram has already been discontinued.

    It has sinced been replaced by Mini Lin.
  5. Although they almost look alike, I like Mini Lin a whole lot more than Monogram Mini.
  6. Me too
  7. Mini Mono discontinued?? But its a popular range!!

    I have a cherry red josephine and love it (it was my first LV)

    I guess i need to stock up on Mini Mono's
  8. i like mini lin
  9. They replaced Monogram Mini into Mini Lin now...
  10. My SA told me that mini mono will be phased out and to buy them now if i like the line.
  11. Discontinued.
  12. Yeah! I agree with you.
  13. cool. i love mini lin!
  14. It had been discontinued but 3 weeks ago, my SA at the Neiman Marcus LV Tyson's Corner, told me that they were going to be reintroducing mini mono in the cherry, navy and khaki, along with the bright pink and bright green. They have a few luggage pieces, including a gorgeous cherry hatbox which he said will be part of the reintro displays later in the spring. I very specifically asked him several times, did he REALLY mean mini mono (thinking he might be confused and talking about mini lin) but he and another female SA reiterated they would be reintro-ing mini mono later this year. I love mini mono navy so I sure hope so!
  15. yep- bye bye mini mono. A lot of peices are still available on elux and in stores though.