.:Mini Monogram:. (not Mini Lin)

  1. As we know, Mini Monogram is discontinued and is no longer in production, however, there is good news for Mini Monogram fans!

    Mini Monogram is being re-released and if you have not already noticed, some items are now again available on eLuxury. They seem to be re-stocking on a daily basis.

    These items are rumored to be coming from old European stock. There will also be a handful of select stores across the U.S. that will be receiving Mini Monogram items next month. Just in time for Christmas! Emphasis is on handful...I was told it would be 5 stores, only.

    I know there are a few Mini Monogram fans…so if there is something you missed out on…now is the time to pounce!
  2. yup..saw that this morning..
  3. Now all I have to do is move to the US :lol: So nice of you to tell us!
  4. I don't get it... they are completely reintroducing mini monogram eventually or they are just back on eluxury to sell off the last remaining stock?
    Please clarify :flowers:
  5. I really do love the Josephine. I would love to have one in black! HEE HEE
  6. reintroducing to sell off the last of the stock.
  7. I love the mono mini line I have the josephine gm navy and it's one of my favorite bag
  8. I LOVE mini monogram, it grabbed me a few weeks ago, and just hasn't let go.... would adore something in it, like a long alma....:idea: :rolleyes: :idea:
  9. just wondering which 5 stores?
  10. i read that in singapore, its making a come back due to popular demand and hitting the shelves in december

    i guess its a worldwide comeback

    i'm thinking of getting the cherry josephine :smile:
  11. I have been obsessing over the cherry josephine.. thanks.. I will start to look for it..