mini monogram mini noelie!!! help!!

  1. for those who have it..can u post a pic of when u wear it?

    i've tried different outfits and feels it looks weird! i hv made the strap the shortest already and it still feels a bit long for a hand held!!!!!

    :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:and i returned my monogram mini noelie for this one!!! i really hope to use it and not leave it in my closet...

    help :cursing:
  2. crap..should i just resell it? :crybaby: noelie holders..step out!!!
  3. There was a thread about this just 2 days ago (although I think it was about the Petit Noe), but can you post PICS so we can understand the problem you're talking about, and also the look you're trying to achieve?

    I posted a couple pics of myself (on the other thread), but I was wearing the Petit Noe.