Mini Monogram Lucille PM TST! HELP!

  1. As some of you ladies know.. my wonderful boyfriend recently won me a LOUIS VUITTON Mini Monogram Lucille PM TST after my Mizi fluke!
    Anyways.. I was shocked to find out he remembered that I wanted this purse a while back but of course.. they discontinued it.
    I refused to buy LV anywhere else besides the lovely Beverly Center store. (P.S Don't ever go to the Costa Mesa store; I bought my first bag there & for being such a young girl.. they were really RUDE & they didn't even bother to look at me!!)
    Anyways.. since he found it and won it.. what can I say? Seems legit.
    And I can't wait to pick it up this Friday! Woooo!

    So heres the deal; I loveeee big handbags.
    The Lucille seem some what small to me.
    I usually carry a wallet, a cometic pouch, digi camera, & my "just incase that time of the month comes" pouch.

    Can some of you ladies help me out?
    Mind showing me your fully stuffed Lucille?
    Thanks in advance!!!
    P.S Sorry for writing an essay!!! :shame:
  2. aw your bf is sooooo sweet!
  3. i think it's because the SCP store is because of the mall. SCP is a destination mall.. and therefore, doesn't take young people very seriously. Beverly Center is an actual mall, and will take business from anyone. Money is money, but still.. i prefer SCP because: a) free parking. dont want to pay to park. that's ridiculous. b) tax. it's only .50% difference, but it makes a big difference when you spend a lot. and c) gas. 40-50 miles to beverly center from my house, versus 5 miles to scp? psh. lol. ps: there's a store in the Saks too if you dont like how the scp boutique one treats you. the sak subtique is very nice and more service oriented. and there are rumors of a bloomingdales subtique opening as well.

    in any case, i think the lucille is big enough for all the stuff you mentioned. it's really all about the space management you have. if you're a 'cellphone goes in the cellphone pocket' person like i am, everything you stated CAN fit. if you're a 'cellphone pocket is for the most convient thing i can toss in there, and cellphone can just be tossed in with the rest of my stuff' person, then it all may or may not fit.
  4. You should have no problems getting your things inside the PM. I have the Lucille GM and it is gigantic - more like a tote bag.
  5. well.. i go to L.A on a regular basis.
    Me & my boyfriend visits his mom every weekend.
    & I know paying for parking is realllly stupid; thats why I have someone drop me off.
    I honestly don't mind paying a little more for GREAT service.
    It makes me enjoy the product; because everytime I wear my speedy.. I look back at how much anger was with me when I purchased it.

    & I'm a neat / organized person.. so I hope it all fits.
    I just want to see pictures to get the idea.
  6. well ok then. :P
  7. I think Lucille will fit all your "stuff" mentioned above. My friend has it and it's not bad at all, yes it's bit in small side. I know some ladies have this bag..Jojo has it.

    You have sweet BF..
  8. Congrats on the new bag! Also, I have to agree with the LV Boutique in Costa Mesa...went in there once (2 years ago), and never will go there again! I've spoken to SAs over the phone, though, and they're pretty professional and nice...but it doesn't matter now, since I'm in San Diego county...:P
  9. Congrats!! :biggrin:
  10. Anyone who's doesn't mind taking a picture of their fully stuffed Lucille???!!
    (i.e.. like.. how many water bottles you can fit in it??)
    I've been waiting for someone to post it up.
  11. Sorry to hear about your treatment at South Coast. Maybe cause I'm a frequent shoppper but they treat me really well...
  12. Sorry to hear about your bad experience at LV-SCP :sad: . I love that store. I'm a frequent visitor and shopper and my SA treats me very well:tender:.
  13. I vowed myself that I would never return there after I returned the second time to purchase my marais.
    But of course.... I stood in the damier section like an idiot waiting for some help and.. nothing! ERGGGG! (Brings back the horrible memories!!!)
    So my mr. wonderful decided to drive me to the Beverly Center to get it.
    They were soooooooooooo nice and helpful, and looked me in the eye.
    (At SCP they would hand me the bag and roll their eyes like no tomorrow!! ERG!)
    I thought age doesn't matter; i thought what you have in your bank account does. lol.
    Okay.. time to end this essay..
  14. ^I'm bumping your thread because you're in search of a lucille pic. Also, I'm really sorry that SCP doesn't treat you well! But your description of the Beverly Center makes me really want to go there now! And I heard that they do authentications, which is tough to find these days...I think....?
  15. congrats- i love that bag! nice bf!