Mini Monogram Josephine PM Bag

  1. Is it still possible to find the mini monogram josephine pm bag in Louis Vuitton stores, or has it been completely discontinued? Would eBay be my only option to buy it?
  2. Yes its discontinued. I about three weeks ago bought a GM in green or dark kaki, thinking it would be A huge bag, perfect for a diaper bag. Boy was I mistaken. Its actually the size of a speedy for room wise, So im hooped and searching for another bag. Theres always Josephines listed on eBay, especially the cherry and the blue/grey ones especially in PM size. I would look there. The bags seem to wear really well to. Mine looks brand new hardly anything noticibley worn. There are other sites that you could go to (search throught the threads) but the pricing on the bags in those stores is almost double to ebays. Good luck!
  3. ask your local store.

    my local store had some items in mono mini 3 month ago.
  4. Some stores may still have some stock. Good Luck in your quest! I hope you find one!