Mini Monogram Josephine PM Bag on let-trade

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  1. [​IMG]

    i don't have anything in this line and this color is discontinued right? the price and condition look good on let-trade and i've almost hit buy now but i figured better check with the experts first.

    the fabric does look little ripply - is it supposed to be like this?

    what was retail on this? when did this it get discontinued?

    for those who have or know this bag - what are your thought? likes? dislikes? should i get it?

    and is shipping included on the listed price on let-trade?

    woah sorry for so many questions... and thank you!!
  2. I love the mini monogram! I think Josephine is one of the most popular styles in the line. I'm not sure about the ripples though....
    If you want a handheld bag then this would work great, but if you prefer to have the shoulder option as well you might want to move up to the GM size.
  3. its not supposed to be riply...
    and there's some discolouration on the upper left corner...
    i wouldn't buy it...
    sometimes he has some decent josephine pms for about 470...
    i think its worth it to pay an extra 70 bucks for a much better condition one...
    that one for 400 seems like its been soaked in water
  4. good to know. so i'll move on. thanks!
  5. Yes
  6. Sorry, i pressed the enter button to soon Yes, it looks like it was washed in the washer. Who knows in what it was actually soaked in.:confused1: