Mini Monogram - GONE from website!

  1. Can someone please confirm: I've checked several times today and don't know if its just my eyes, but it seems that the Mini Monogram collection has been REMOVED from the LV website! :shrugs: I was just on the site yesterday evening and know for a fact it was still there because I was looking at some pieces! Is this some kind of mistake?? I've heard rumours that they may discontinue the Mini Monogram, but this is so sudden! :wtf:
  2. It is gone from but I see that eLux is selling whatever remains. You may also be able to ask an SA to check across the country for you.
  3. It's definatly gone, I was on there about an hour ago and noticed that it was missing. I think it has been discontinued for a while...I could be wrong though.
  4. Yeah it's been discontinued for awhile. They're just taking it off their site you know for sure that the line is finished.
    It's not completely sold out though so definitely ask an SA if you can if there's something you really want. They can probably transfer it from another store.
  5. Well I'm not looking to purchase something from the mini monogram line. Its just that it seems like its been around forever and its strange how I just saw it last night and now its gone.

    But you know what this means? That they'll be putting up the Mini Lin collection in its place very soon!!! :yes:
  6. i want mini lin!! i'm waiting anxiously for it!
  7. I want mini lin too! I can't wait!
  8. oh I didn't know they were discontinuing the mini mono line...=( I guess maybe one of these days I"ll have to ebay for one of the items, I really loved jojo-lv-lovers josephine!!
  9. oh btw, can someone please tell me what the mini lin line is?? I'm familar with it...thanks!
  10. look for trapeze. the material used to make this bag is mini lin. the material is a frabric, its much like the mini monogram, but its' softer and its more resistent to dirt. :heart:
  11. yep, I called LV last night and they had told me that the line has officially been discontinued.

    I didn't know the linen is more resistent to dirt. I thought that since it's softer, it would be more susceptible to dirt, no?? I guess you learn something new everyday!
  12. well wen the SA told me they are discontinuing mini mon and replacing it with the mini lin, he did say the mini lin is supposed to be more durable... so i think that means it'll be less susceptible to dirt? :smile:
  13. Lol. i actually called 866-Vuitton and the SA said that the new material has been 'treated', so yep, your comment is true! (but she DID say that just 'cuz it's been treated doesnt mean it's extremely resistent!! lol.. she probably thought I would chuck the bag in a pot of mud!! :roflmfao: )