Mini Monogram Francoise?

  1. I never thought the mini monogram line would appeal to me but the [discontinued got to get it on ebay] Francoise keeps grabbing my eye. I love the fold over top so it converts from hand to shoulder bag. is very narrow. And it is uncoated fabric.

    Does anybody have this bag? How full can it get? How thick can something be before it is unslightly? How often do you use yours? When do you use it? What about dirt, does it get icky easily?

    Thanks, Kathy
  2. I have it in khaki and cherry and frankly, I wouldn't recommend it for keeping documents but because to me, I find it looks weird. ;p

    I usually use it as a hand bag and hang it over my elbow. Mini mono will always be more susceptible to stains but if you really want one, just make sure to keep it in the dustbag when you're not using it and keep a lookout for dusty areas because it does kind of get dirty faster than the other lines.

  3. Thanks, that helps.

  4. i have it in cherry and the base did get dirty. i use it more as a messenger bag but i always make sure that i don't keep it folded for too long coz there will be a line like dirt line across the bag which is unsightly. i do use it as a hand carry with the 2 little straps sometimes when i go shopping. it is a neat bag with 2 styles, sling and hand carry, i love it. oh i bought a long strap for it coz it came with a short stap which i hardly ever use.