Mini monogram discontinued?

  1. Friend of mine wants to get a mini monogram Joesphine in dark navy. But it seems like LV has discontinued the mini monogram line. Is that true?
  2. I've heard that too. Not 100% sure. You can call 866-VUITTON and they will tell you for sure.
  3. Yes, it is discontinued. If you want them to locate something you need to call very soon.
  4. Yes, it's discontinued. :cry:

    I managed to get the last Josephine PM TST in khaki in Canada - LV had to get it shipped in from another province. Order while you can...
  5. question while on here...........was there ever a mini monogram in black/black??
  6. Not in bags, only shoes.
  7. hmmm- I heard that it was going to be discontiued but not until the fall- oh well, it wasn't the most attractive line anyway.
  8. I saw the ENTIRE managers look book today..WOW..I signed up for like 6 bags..LOL..There is a new mini line coming out though..its really NICE...LOVED IT!
  9. i still haven't seen what the new mini line looks like.
    i wish we could find pictures online!
  10. There were never any mini mono bags in black/black.
    There were mini mono bags in black/white (ie, with white monograms). This design was launched last year. Perhaps that is the style you were thinking of?
  11. I've been wanting to get a Josephine in that dark olive green color. I can't wait to see the new line. Anyone got pics?
  12. I would love to see some pictures.
  13. Thanks for response guys. I have a feeling that LV is phasing the line out because the selection on elux is a lot more limited than before.

    BTW.. looks like they do have mini monogram in black on black. Elux has a billfold wallet in that color. Perhaps it's only available for wallets? Not sure.
  14. Are you sure that isn't the mini mono blue tst wallet? Because the mini mono blue tst is quite dark, and perhaps the lighting on your computer screen makes it look darker.

    There is also a small line of bags/accessories called the Satin Monogram. It's a very small line. That one has black/black small bags and small wallets.

    Perhaps you could post a picture of the wallet that you saw on E-lux (if you'd like).
  15. LV has been removing the mini monogram line little by little from and Some of the bags aren't even available to view specs anymore.