mini mono sac

  1. i want to get one but what can i fit in it. I thought it might be a nice evening bag, like if i go to the club or something i hate trying to dance with a purse hanging off my arm. I saw this on let-trade for 189 bucks which is a smokin' deal. Does anyone have this?
  2. i have one, i'll post pics when i find my digicam :P
  3. here goes:





    things inside my mono mini sac as shown in pics:

    HP ipaq pocket pc
    sidekick II phone
    nokia 8801 phone
    ipod nano
    mono poch cles
    face powder

    the size is deceiving. i didn't know it can fit a lot of things inside. :yes:
  4. Holy cow! That CAN fit a LOT! :nuts:
    Ok I definitely want one now!
  5. bianca, girl after my own heart! You have more things in that mini mono HL sac than I do. Did you also buy the long vachetta strap? It's adorable as a special occasion purse for sure....:yes: :angel: :flowers:
  6. Oh wow! thanks for the pix, Bianca - very useful! It's amazing what u could fit in there! It just seems so small....
  7. @ pinki - yup i also have the long strap but i don't normally use it.

    @phwish - ur welcome

    @karman - you should get one!

    amazing mini sac! :P
  8. I bought one for my daughter. I personally think it's too small.
  9. The original design was meant to be a cosmetic bag for the keepalls:love: :angel: :angel:
  10. I wouldn't take that to a club. I'd take a pochette cause it's less bulkier. If you like it though, get it.
  11. ^ right! either get the pochette or the mini pochette if you're planning to take it clubbing. it's less bulky than the mini sac.

    i personally like using my mini sac. i'm using it more than my speedy 30. i bought it as an accessory pouch for my speedy 30.

    it's so small but i was amazed at how many things i could easily put in there.
  12. Yeah you'll be surprised how much goes in there. I just got one and I've used it ever since more than my speedy 25 and 30. I have my mono cles, cellphone, chapstick, gum, cash, pen, small purell bottle, small thing of lotion, and tide pen. All the essentials i need everyday.

    I have been loving the fact I have everything with me without the bulk from day to day.
  13. I have been thinking about getting this bag and also getting the long pouchette strap (for across you body) to attach to it. It would be good to throw in my other bags and I could use the strap for when I go to Disney or Universal studios. I was also looking at the MC version of it. OR do you think a style like the trotteur or a pouchette would be better for me? Help, I think about this stuff way too much!!
  14. I love this little bag! It was the first LV I bought for myself and I actually got the mono canvas strap to go with it because I didn't want to worry about the's like 11 years old or so now.....
  15. That is so cute.