Mini Mono KATHLEEN still available?

  1. Hey :biggrin:
    I really do like the Mini Monogram and thought about buying the Joséphine PM... but now I've seen the Kathleen on eBay:
    Sadly, the seller ended the auction. I couldn't find this bag on the LV-HP - is it still available in stores?
    Does anybody here has one (or more :lol:)? Do you like this bag?

  2. There were still some Kathleens (not alot, just some) available at the boutiques in Canada. You should call the stores in your city to inquire. I once tried on the Kathleen at the store but felt it looked too "sporty" for my tastes. I purchased the Marjorie instead.

  3. Eh, not my cup of tea. I love the Josephine though. It seems so versatile but still fashionable. Jeanie77 is selling one on the WTS page if you want to take a look. It's in fab condition too! I just prefer the looser shape of the Josephine over the Kathleen too.