mini mono josephine gm

  1. hi, i was wondering if anyone out there has this bag and if it can be worn on the shoulder. i could only fine one pic of this bag in the celebrity thread (lindsay lohan) and i couldn't really tell. or if someone could post a pic of them wearing this bag i would really appreciate it! it's a very lovely bag!:heart: :heart: TIA
  2. i think all of the gm bags can be worn on the shoulder!
  3. Is the the GM the smaller one or the larger one? I don't own this bag but my cousin own the smaller one and it does go over the shoulder. Although she did mention that one of the straps fall off easily
  4. thanks for the info. as much as i love hand held bags i also like to be hands free sometimes too!
  5. You mean wearing the bag through the handles? I have the PM and have tried to wear it on the shoulder, it's doable but a bit awkward because of the width of the bag. You have the option of wearing the bag with a strap too.
  6. I find it very hard to wear the PM over the shoulder. However I have seen girls with the GM and it's easily a large shoulder bag :yes:
  7. i have seen this GM bag worn with the long strap, the long strap has to be purchased seperately. i have the PM Josephine, and most of the time i would just hand carry it but i do sling it over the shoulder sometimes, straps are alittle short but still managable.
  8. I have the matching strap for the Josephine and use that to wear on the shoulder.:love: :flowers:
  9. i don't suppose the strap's long enough to wear across-body/messenger style?
  10. hellooholly: don't know about the strap length but CONGRATS!!!
  11. i have the PM and it fits very comfortably on my shoulder, so the GM would definitely fit too :yes:
  12. i could fit my GM on my shoulder, it fits comfortable when its not that full but when i stuffed everything till its really full, it somehow wont fit comfortably anymore..

    HTH :heart:

  13. Yep same here, I have the PM and it fits over my shoulder. My arms are a bit larger though so I'm not comfortable with it on my shoulders. But if you are slender then it would be just fine. So, if the PM fits, the GM would definitely fit. It's a great bag btw :yes:
  14. thanks for all your help!

    i just bought a navy josephine gm and should be receiving it tomorrow (i hope!) :nuts:
  15. so exciting :nuts: post pics when its arrived monkeydog :heart: