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  1. Hello fellow tPF'ers,

    I was wondering if someone can help answer a question for me...

    I purchased a mini mono Josephine bag (from a reputable site) and in their ad, it stated that the "Date Code was XXXXXX".

    I already won, but when I rec'd the bag, I didn't know where to look for the ?"stamp"? I have sent 2 emails asking them where to look for it, but they never answered. I think they see it as a done deal already, kwim?

    Also, does this bag have an auth. sticker or anything like that attached to it that I can look for? Now I am starting to think I've been duped because I can't find anything that points to it being authentic.

    I never buy used...I always buy straight from the boutique. I was just playing around and made a small bid and wham, I won... :shrugs::p

  2. Thank you for answering me.

    Well, my Josephine GM DOES NOT have the stamp.
    I trusted the site bacause I read on this forum that they were legit.
    The site is let-trade. I am beginning to feel very upset. let-trade said that they are a My Poupette Recommended Louis Vuitton Seller.

    What should I do? :s

  3. I should also mention that the picture on their site did show the stamp, however my bag does not have it.

    All other "marks" are the same though.
  4. I would bet that the datecode is there, sometimes it is just really hard to see! Keep looking!
  5. let-trade is legit... some LV date codes are really hard to find. look in zippered pouch and corners of the bag?
  6. Thanks ally24k and dell!

    I even used a flashlight and my DH looked also. The picture let-trade used on their ad was clear and the stamp was not faded. It was supposedly located near the zipper pull. It was not.

    My DH found a different date code number (than the one advertised) under then the D-ring. A whole different number and location from what they said.

    I am feeling a little bit better today in regards to the bags authenticity. However it has deterred me from purchasing anywhere other than the boutiques.

    Thanks Sopeary, dell, and ally24k for your help.

    p.s. as of today, let-trade still has not responded.
  7. dear 4Kings.

    Sorry for the delay of reply. Please check out PM and your eBay message box. I found out what was going on on our transaction. Thanks and sorry about the delay of reply as I have mention before that all of the email that we sent directly to your mailbox got returned (we don't know what is the reason for that).

  8. Dear let-trade,

    Thank you for your recent reply.
    I have PM'ed you a reply.

  9. Sorry but have not got a PM or email reply. Could you please reply again. Sorry about this.
  10. Sorry...wasn't paying attention to the time...almost forgot to pick up my kids!

    PM has now been sent. Also a POSITIVE feedback has been posted. :tup:

    Thank You again for your professional handling of this transaction.

  11. The date codes on the Mono Mini Josephines can vary between the d-ring and along the zipper. Glad to hear everything worked out!
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