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  1. Should I keep my LV mini MONO...CABAS MARY KATE shoulder tote??? I have it in black and white. THANKS!!!
  2. I definetly would keep it. It's so gorgeous :love:
    Why are you thinking of selling it?
  3. i was thinking of exchanging it cause i already have a josephine in nior too. I know this bag is very limited in the black and last time i called the vuiton 800# they only had 10 worldwide. i was thinking of the suhali line. i'm so torn!!!
  4. You rarely see the Cabas and LV is dicontinuing the Mini Mono - maybe you should wait a little, because you'll get more money for the Cabas when it's no longer available?

    Do you prefer using the Mary Kate or the Joséphine? Maybe you could also sell the Joséphine instead of the Mary Kate? ... But I think it's nicer to have two different styles then one style in two colours... oh, it REALLY is difficult, I'm sorry :sad:
  5. Are they really discontinuing this????

    This is the bag next on my list!
  6. thanks girls...i'm going to keep both. i'm sad that they're going to discontinue the mini mono =(
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