Mini Mono Besace Mary Kate - yay or nay?

  1. I've been wanting an LV messenger for awhile, although it's never really been a top priority.

    I just saw this:

    Do you any of you have this bag?

    The dimensions are 11.8" x 12.6" x 3.3". I think the only turn off about this bag is the fact that there is no zipper. :confused1: Well since the opening isn't too wide and the bag is so deep--do you guys think that pick pockets are a problem here?

    I love how there's no I can use this in the winter although with the open top I won't be using it in immense snowfall or heavy rain in the spring/summer.

    Is it realistic to fear that things will fall out of the bag as I'm using it? :p

    Anyways, I'm 50/50 on this one, so all opinions appreciated! Persuade or dissuade me please!
  2. Hmmm, I saw this bag and was thinking of getting it some time ago but in the cherry color. I passed on it because of the opening. When I put my stuff in it, the top opened up too much for me. It's like having a mouth that won't close. I do have a bit of stuff tho'. If it had a zipper, it would atleast help make the bag look more structured. But if it doesn't bother you or if you don't put as much junk in it as I did, then go for it.
  3. *sigh* I really like how this bag looks but I guess the opening really is a turn off! I was hoping the opening would stay the same width even with stuff in it...but I guess from your post, it pretty much sags width-wise and everything is exposed to the open?

    Why didn't LV make this bag with a zipper?! :hysteric:
  4. I like it in khaki tst :smile: looks so pretty irl, :smile:
  5. But check it out for yourself Karma. It might not be that bad for you. I tend to carry atleast an Avent bottle for my son in a ziplock bag and it was too chubby so it wouldn't work out for me. But it just might work better for you.
  6. Well, this is on eBay, so unfortunately I won't be able to check it out :sad: I would if there are any left in my store but I don't think so.
    Is the bottle much thicker than the width of the bag?
  7. I really like it. It looks like a good shape.
  8. I think it's really nice for a messengere bag style bag.
  9. Yeah, it's nice. The monogram mini is also very cute. Depending on where you live you won't know fo rsure when it's raining or not, so if it worries you a lot I'd pass on it.
  10. I think it looks nice. The color would make easy to mix in with any wardrobe. Is there a zip pocket inside?
  11. Ive allways loved this bag, I think it looks great. All the colours are fab, so I would get it Karman.
  12. My Bf's mum has this bag it was a quite a hunt finding it and this was when it was still available in stores we picked it up on holiday in Florida eventually she wasn't there she I tried it it's a nice bag good size really cute she could the Khaki one (but I'd say it's more a yellowy cream) I'd prob get it myself (in red) if she didn't have it
  13. I think it is really cute.
  14. It's a very cute messenger bag, Karman. I wouldn't turn it away just because of the opening. Which you did point out is very deep. Besides if you are wearing as a sling bag (you are so organized:yes:) it won't be overstuff and will retain it's shape. There was one on Elux think it's gone now though.
  15. I remember looking at this bag in the boutique as well as the Kathleen bag that was available around the same time. I really liked both, but the open top on this one did concern me. But that was then and this is now! I now have a few non-LV bags that have open tops and they are not a problem for me at all. Everything that I was worried about happening, never has (knock on wood) LOL! But seriously, the open top should be fine. I would go for it, it is a unique design and very cute.