Mini Mono and a big dilemma

  1. Question first: Does anybody know, when exactly the Mini Monogram is going to be discontinued?

    I always had a huge crush on the Joséphine PM... now that I got my Mini Mono Marie, I desperately want another bag from this line :shame:
    I just came across a kaki TST Joséphine in new condition on eBay and now I really don't know what to do. If I get another bag in this size w/ Monograms on it, I have to sell my black MC Alma. Not immediately, but sooner or later. When I bought the Alma, I had lots of free time (still have)... But university starts for me in October - that means, I'll use unspectacular shoulder bags most of the day (I don't want to use an LV for university, nothing that screams out the brand). When should I use my LV's then???
    I hardly ever use my Alma - but it would be heartbreaking to let her go :crybaby:I don't want to rush things... but I'm afraid, that when I don't jump on the eBay deal, and wait, the Mini Monos are already gone...?
  2. It is supposed to be d/c this year. I find the Mono Mini line very subtle.
  3. I think that it has been discontinued already and now it's a case of while stocks last (I could be wrong)
  4. :Push: That would mean I have to hurry.
    Kaki TST doesn't seem to be very popular, I usually see the lighter colors on eBay. And this one is new :sad:
  5. I have the Kaki TST and I LOVE it!!!! i hardly see it around my neighborhood, I think maybe 2x?? I usually see the Cherry or light Blue color I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how many people had it (the Kaki color) when I was reading another thread on a similar topic!!
  6. I have the khaki TST also and I adore it!
  7. The Mini Monogram line was already in the process of being phased out several months ago during the early Spring (at least, this was the case in Canada). But it should still be possible to find some Mini Mono bags/accessories in the LV boutiques ( I think it is a case of "availability while quantity lasts"). I think if you really like the bag, you should purchase it before it becomes totally phased out.

    I think the khaki TST is a very nice colour - perfect for Fall/Winter and Spring. If you don't want to use your LVs for school, you could use them during your spare time - eg, weekends, weekday evenings, etc...

    I don't think you should sell your Alma yet, since you sound very hesitant to part with it - you wouldn't want to risk making a "rush" decision and end up regretting it later.
  8. Have you tried calling the stores and see if they can maybe locate one for you? You never know!!!
  9. yeah, i think so. my SA told me will be discontinued by end of this year but they are not producing anymore, it's only while stock last.