Mini mini or something like it

  1. I don't know if this is the right area to be asking this but here it goes.

    I would like a very small "bag" or coin purse to put credit cards in, something like 3" x 4".
    I have seen in another thread/forum the smaller accessories that are available, but it looks like the smallest square coin purse available is "The coin purse" which measures 4"x6" (or something close to that).

    Does Balenciaga make the mini mini still? (or something close?)

    --Thanks for the help! :heart:
  2. I do not own any bbag accessories yet however I found something close to what your looking for...

    our fellow forum member Impasto owns a mini's small and compact and is just big enough for a couple of credit cards and some cash to keep on hand.

    here's a picture:
    ( picture courtesy of our fellow bbagforum member IMPASTO )
  3. i think your talking about the mini mini coin purse.. which is unfortunately no longer made, but i think the regular coin purse will fit your needs just fine! HTH!
  4. From what little I know there used to be a smaller version of the coin purse that is commonly referred to as the porte-monnaie, which was discontinued in 2005. You can see examples of this purse in the cool Coin purse Clubhouse thread particulary a comparison picture in this post here

    The dimensions of the current "Mini Coin Purse" are:

    Mini Coin Purse
    (h) 4.33in x (w) 5.9in
    (h) 11 cm x (w) 15 cm

    In comparison here's a list of other wallets that Balenciaga does:
    The Money
    (h)4in x (w)7.5in x (d)1in
    (h) 10 cm x (w) 19 cm x (d) 2.5 cm

    The Real Coin
    (h)3.5in x (w)4.25in x (d)1in
    (h) 9 cm x (w) 11 cm x (d) 2.5 cm

    Ni Compagnon
    (h)4.75in x (w)5.12in x (d)0.75in
    (h) 12 cm x (w) 13 cm x (d) 2 cm

    Le Compagnon
    (h) 4.33in x (w) 8.66in
    (h) 11 cm x (w) 22 cm

    As you can see the "Real Coin" which is a credit card holding wallet with a change section is closer to what you might be looking for. Here's a picture of the "Real Coin":


    I know that Aloha Rag has these in Black, WHite and Truffle at the moment. The truffle looks very nice :smile:

    There is also a white one listed on eBay here, with some great pictures of what it looks like.

    Here's a description of the Real Coin:

    For the Real Coin, the front flap has a snap button that opens up to a billfold. Holding the wallet so the bill slot is horizontal and at the top, there is a small mirror on the right side and on the left side, there are three vertical credit card slots and one deeper slot at the back. The zipper opens up the coin compartment which has a separator so you have two pockets for coins.


  5. Wow, thank you for all of the information! Now to try and make a decision :smile:
  6. Yes, sorry I was talking about the mini mini coin purse, too cute :rolleyes:
  7. Does the Mini Coin purse come with any other hardware or just the regular?
    Can you special request something from BalNY?
    Does this cost extra?